One thought on “A Growing Brooklyn Fishing Scene, Artisanal Lures Included

  1. Somehow heartened by that story. The crazy lure-maker cooking up plastic goop in his kitchen and trying not let it go over 330 degrees or it will get ‘pretty toxic’ – such madness is to be commeded! Reminds me of my very tolerant mother (who had had a father who was a fishing fnatatic) when an 8-year-old version of myself decided that I had to make all of my lead sinkers ( in several shapes and different weights) – she merely said “Okay, dear” and helped me send away for the necessary molds to a mail order outlet then melt scrap lead in an old pot on her kitchen stove.

    A few funky fishers’ acts of small, non-branded fishy rebellion in the midst of Mammon, there might still yet be hope!

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