A ‘fish taxi’ and a billion-dollar plan to save endangered salmon

In this episode of the Explore Oregon Podcast, Zach looks at a billion-dollar plan involving “fish taxis” and “fish Disney Worlds” to save endangered spring chinook in the Upper Willamette Basin. The plan centers on moving salmon around dams with massive trucks and allowing the fish to spawn in the upper river previously blocked by dams.


One thought on “A ‘fish taxi’ and a billion-dollar plan to save endangered salmon

  1. Yup, spend $$$ on artificial solutions w/ no evidence of success rather than making the real sacrifices to our wasteful way of life that are actually necessary to effect change … kicking the can down the road sure has worked in the past, how many billions have been spent on salmon restoration and recovery to very little population scale effect to date? We humans love pretending to be conservationists and activists but, when the rubber actually hits the road we ALWAYS find excuses to avoid making the necessary sacrifices and change.

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