A Design Lover’s Guide to Fly Fishing

Of all the outdoor pursuits, few have lured so many aesthetes, philosophers, and problem solvers across the years.

“There’s an incredible beauty when you hit that timing correctly and the line goes out 150 feet, unrolling in front of you,” explains Manhattan architect and glass artist James Carpenter.

LINK (via Architectural Digest)

One thought on “A Design Lover’s Guide to Fly Fishing

  1. A life-long Angler and flyfisher a few thousand miles away across the Atlantic reads that AD Get The Gear – Buy The Finer Pieces and Feelings That Only Mega (and very often “Funny”) Money Can Buy article, then reflects on the fact that, because of such Henning Hale-Orviston / Ernie Schweibert (David James Duncan nailed it a long time ago in his River Why?) – Arcane Acts of Downton Abbey ‘Angling’ Stuff there are only about 12 flyfishers left in Britain; the rest are merely owners of differing amounts of very occasionally used (if at all) high-end tackle.

    “Angling priced-up and prettified – a fatal recipe for the long-term health of our pastime” I told my fellow fishers in talks to groups and clubs, then later online, a long long time ago now, as we have seen over the past quarter-century or so. We have a saying in my country, “All Chiefs and no Indians”. You probably don’t have such a saying, but can still decipher its cryptic meaning.

    Plus another saying before I leave, used by would-be London gangster sorts of old – “All tooled-up [armed] but nowhere to go.”. Nowhere to use the gear once you’ve got it, geddit?

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