2022 F3T Trailer – Three Sheets

In a time when travel was banned, adventure pretty much nonexistent, four obsessed anglers put their heads together to fill that empty void in their soul, they call fishing. Three sheets to the wind, full bore ahead as we set sail for 21 days to explore the endless atolls and flats of Belize, from the most famous to the untouched and unknown.

Not being welcome on land we’ll travel north to south by sailboat, foot, and paddleboard with fly rods in our hands. Led by legendary Belizean spearfisherman and Captain Deadhshot Danny, our ragtag crew of obsessed anglers head out for an adventure of a lifetime.

Like all great odysseys, the unknown surprises and obstacles create the adventure. With new species on the board and good times under the belt, life on a boat has never felt more connected to the rhythm of the ocean than now.

Location: Belize
Species: Permit, Bonefish, Barracuda, Tarpon, Trigger fish and more

Directed by Chris Kitchen
Produced by KGB Productions

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