20,000 Atlantic salmon escape into B.C. waters


Wild-salmon advocates are alarmed over a large escape of farmed fish in Queen Charlotte Strait. An electrical fire at the Mowi fish farm on Robertson Island caused part of a net to collapse that enabled around 20,000 Atlantic salmon to swim into the nearby waters.

LINK (via: The Georgia Straight)

2 thoughts on “20,000 Atlantic salmon escape into B.C. waters

  1. Meanwhile, in Scotland, self-declared home of the Atlantic salmon, a self-styled high-end producer of “ethically” farmed fish is fighting the dealers that are selling fakes of fakes to self-styled top restaurants as their own at “Are you being serious?” prices, and have made sure that the BBC and the rest of the watching world hear about it at Christmas, a time when “traditionally” a lot of smoked “product” is bought and, perhaps, unwisely consumed. Not in THIS house it isn’t!


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