Top Salmon Flies – stories and fly patterns from great anglers

“Top Salmon Flies – stories and fly patterns from great anglers” is a new book offering 7 interesting and different views on fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon. Book includes contributions from Scandinavian hard-core salmon anglers such as Steffen Juhl, Antti Guttorm, Miki Äikäs, and Siggi Haugur.

There are many great salmon fishing books out there. The never-ending debate on the importance of fly patterns made me focus on the deadliest fly patterns around. The book presents 21 fly patterns from 7 different contributors. Thousands of salmon have been caught with the patterns presented in this book. But as much it is about the flies, it is about the person behind them and the way they fish.

If you wish to improve your salmon fishing skills and learn some new tricks for your toolbox, this is the book for you. For more information and extra content, visit their website.


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