One thought on “You can now buy a Hermès fly rod for $13,790

  1. So … girls get bored and go shopping – indulge in a bit of retail therapy, do a Pretty Woman with Richard Gere’s credit card … so what’s new…?

    Always happened, always will.

    But Big Boys do it, too – an ocean-going yacht or two, a stable of boy-racer horses and hot cars, a soccer team, most if not all of the best addresses in the best areas of central London, a big Brand here, a long-established supplier of sporting paraphernalia to the old English landowning elite but now well past its trade-by-date, there….

    Then there there is really maxing it out and taking it to the absolute, Way Beyond The Eagles, limit – as here:

    All very good, indeed hilarious, fun until such sorts’ masters go and poison, say, an English Cathedral city when getting their goons to execute a latter-day Don Corleone-style hit on, say, a fled to the ancient-spired place, knows where all the now inconvenient bodies are buried, enemy.

    We live in interesting times.

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