Yakima launching new rod carriers for fall 19

Yakima has just announced its entry into the recreational fishing market with three new rooftop rod carriers.

Designed with avid flyfishers in mind, the DoubleHaul offers superior protection for up to four fly rods or two fly rods and two spey rods. The DoubleHaul accommodates rods up to 10 feet in length and most reels up to size 12. The best part? Rods can be stored fully strung up for fast and easy access. The four aluminum rod tubes that comprise the carrier each contain a plastic sleeve to securely hold a fly rod and prevent wear and abrasion on the blank and guides. Felt padding prevents marring on the reels, and the reel box features a Yakima SKS lock for worry-free security. The DoubleHaul easily mounts to any vehicle crossbars with its tool-free, low-profile universal mounting hardware, and the carrier can be configured to half its length for smaller vehicles. MSRP: $699

The super-versatile TopWater is easily mounted to a roof rack or trailer for on-the-go access to as many as eight fully rigged baitcasting and spinning rods up to 8 feet in length (or 20 bare rods). The TopWater keeps rods and reels secure and organized during transit thanks to protective foam pads and rubber straps that ensure everything stays in place. Additional space under the rods accommodates low-profile tackle boxes and other gear. The durable hard-plastic shell features Carbonite, the industry-proven, American-made material used in Yakima’s SkyBox products. With a Yakima SKS lock included, the TopWater is equipped to keep cargo secure. As with the DoubleHaul, the TopWater is compatible with any crossbar style and shape. MSRP: $549

For a simple and cost-effective way of transporting fully rigged rods to any fishing hole, look no further than the ReelDeal. This two-piece rod carrier features tool-free mounting to any roof rack, including factory and aftermarket racks. The included Yakima SKS locks secure the rods and rack to the vehicle and opens from the side for easy access to up to eight rods. Full-length rubber padding securely holds and protects rods during transit. MSRP: $169

The new carriers will be available at retail and on Yakima.com in August.



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