Why not create a fisheries task force?

A spokesperson for Gianforte says the governor shares the group’s concerns

Because the Governor will just ignore you?

A coalition of conservation groups and fly-fishing businesses are urging Gov. Greg Gianforte to create a task force to address the state’s declining cold water fisheries.

The administration has so far declined. A spokesperson for Gianforte says the governor shares the groups’ concerns but will rely on updates to a decades-old drought management plan and Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks’ regulations to address the situation.

LINK (via Bozeman Daily Chronicle)

2 thoughts on “Why not create a fisheries task force?

  1. Same in Britain, guys – umpteen (and ever-growing in numbers these days on account its gottta-have-some-of-this in-public virtue-signaling and personal profile-raising in-fashion stuff) fishy and watery taskforces, trusts and a one-thousand-and-one sundry ever-fundraising ]screamers and shouters and perfectly reasonable sorts – all to pretty well NO effect when their / our politicians couldn’t give a flying fuck for “you ‘ghastly’ eco-rabble …. besides our big £££s Party and individual in backpocket please donors are in the business of making lots of lovely money out of the very things that you terrible shower are demanding that we stop…oh, do grow up….”.

    Convenient all, still just about attached head, bangs second repeatedly against first until almost completely insensible and has to leave Moldy and make himself a very strong morning coffee.

    Posts very swiftly typed above unread and uncorrected.

    Out (may be some time).

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