2 thoughts on “What’s The Perfect Fly Line For Fishing Puget Sound Beaches?

  1. Both of these lines have major durability issues and in fact neither is the preferred line amongst dedicated Puget Sound anglers. Don’t believe the hype! Pick up an Airflo 40+ Type 3 if you can find one.

    I think perhaps these Rio lines are a favorite among fly shop owners because you have to keep coming back for replacements every few months.

  2. Yes, there are a lot of hazards beach fishing Puget Sound. If you are standing on a fly line on the rocks, pulling your fly line when wrapped around barnacles, not using a stripping basket, or just in general clumsy, your gear is not going to last long.
    I have lots of experience fishing the Airflow 40+ in float, intermediate, and type 3. I guided and fished with them from 2010-2015. The line is fine. Both of the Rio lines cast better. The 40+ is more durable than the coastal quick shooter. I’ve gone through multiples of both 40+ and coastal quick shooters over the years guiding. But the new Rio Premier Outbound Short is more durable than all the rest.

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