What’s more “incredibly disingenuous and laughable?”

Supreme’s fishing collab or the criticism from a member of a Redditor group called Fly Fishing Circle Jerk and a fashion designer who sells $75 logo tees?


Users also joked about Chanel and Gucci getting into the sport next.

This just in circle jerkers, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel collaborated on a fly rod kit in 2008.

Stussy jumped on the bandwagon despite not knowing the difference between a fly and a hard lure.


4 thoughts on “What’s more “incredibly disingenuous and laughable?”

  1. Uncharacteristically lost for adequate words after skimming the desperate tie-dye stuff above, I can only offer a Thursday Toona by way of a 1960s Carnaby Street / Austin Powers and Mrs Kensington comment.


  2. “Ayon says his grievance is similar and asks, ‘Should a fishing shop start carrying skateboards?'”

    There is definitely some crossover among the two in the bass world: https://www.halfpastfirstcast.com/blog-gear/skate-and-bait

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