Unreal Footage of Northern Pike Eat

From the filmmaker.

I was lucky to get this shot when we were sight fishing for some northern pike at my favorite hard to access lake. To get there, you need to drive about 300km from Whitehorse, Canada (the Yukon’s capital and largest town), then paddle about 20km down a swift river, and then portage about 1km in the forest to reach your destination. As you can see, it really pays off!

Every year we go there and have the same success, which makes you forget about the hard portage really quickly. This specific pike in the video was just short of a meter, but it had an 8″ half-digested pike in its stomach as well as a mouse. They are so aggressive that even with barbless hooks, it is very challenging. They tend to swallow flies really deep, so usually after catching what we can eat while we’re there (1 or 2 fish), we simply stop fishing to keep the lake healthy for many more years to come!

-Gabe Rivest

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