President Trump signs order to revoke Clean Water Rule

Quite the cast of Republican bobbleheads on display as our Cheetoh in Chief begins his administration’s assault on clean water.

The good news is that this executive order does not repeal the Water of the US Act, it simply signals new EPA head Scott Pruitt to begin the process of revising and rewriting the law. There will also be numerous legal and scientific challenges to the rule change that could very well extend beyond Trump’s first, and hopefully only term.

Because both of those rules were finalized under existing laws long before Mr. Obama left office, they cannot be simply undone with a stroke of the president’s pen, legal experts in both the Obama and Trump White Houses have said.

LINK (via: The NY Times)

A coalition of fishing and hunting groups have come out with a statement criticizing the proposed rule change.

LINK (via: Angling Trade)



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