Toxic Shot Syndrome

This is what happens to our national symbol when it consumes lead ammunition.

As the internet freaked out over Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke riding a horse to his first day on the new job, environmentalists expressed outrage over one of his first actions: overturning a federal ban on hunting with lead ammunition in national parks and wildlife refuges.

The ban aimed to help save animals, including the iconic bald eagle, from dying slow deaths from lead poisoning. Zinke argued that the interests of hunters were not sufficiently represented in the ban.

The same day Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reversed the lead ammunition and fishing tackle ban, an eagle died from lead poisoning in Arlington, Washington.

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4 thoughts on “Toxic Shot Syndrome

  1. So, the implication of this BS article and Chum’s summary is that this eagle died because Zinke reversed an order Obama issued the DAY BEFORE HE LEFT OFFICE?
    If banning lead from shot would have saved this eagle, wouldn’t a more appropriate headline be “Eagle dies because Obama waited until after 7 years 364 days in office to take action”?
    Another example of why the few Americans left who can actually read and analyze don’t trust most “news” sources.

    1. No, genius, it is not implying that. It is pointing out the irony, so obviously you must not be one of the “few Americans who can actually read and analyze”. And while it may have taken Obama too long to implement the rule, at least he isn’t the one to repeal it in the face of scientific analysis. Try again.

    2. You can’t really be that dense, can you? Lead harms animals. Zinke just opened up uses for lead.

      If I say Trump farted this morning and the sky is grey today, am I implying that Trump won’t give us blue skies?

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