Too Many Pinks in the Pacific

Photo by Nathaniel Wilder

There are three times more pink salmon in the ocean than there were about 50 years ago. Nearly three out of every four salmon in the North Pacific are pinks. Hatcheries are piling onto that bounty. Now evidence is mounting that the pink salmon, pumped by the billions into the North Pacific are upending marine ecosystems.

LINK (via Hakai Magazine)

3 thoughts on “Too Many Pinks in the Pacific

  1. No surprise that Pinks are increasingly “leaking” into the North Atlantic, then…Norway waging no holds barred war against them last year, some even appearing in Scottish and even English Atlantic salmon rivers many miles to the south in recent years. It is clear that the salmon farming industry, wherever it Big $$$s – Big PR – “Can’t stop us” operates, is an environmental and wild fish disaster.

  2. Next day PS

    My “Big $$$s – Big PR – “Can’t stop us” [just try and stop us] of yesterday…..

    Some tried recently –

    Epic fail.

    As for Scotland’s world-famous wild Atlantic salmon (with my old southern English and Welsh rivers’ once far from inconsiderable stocks now just as dire)….we really are some way past just a few other wise guys’ very expensive legal muscle and top PR….

  3. Correction – last link should have been the one I am now posting below, to a report about salmon stocks by the Scottish Government. Not good.

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