Paradise Lost…….Or Given Away


Bob Hooton delivers a sobering assessment of the current state of affairs surrounding steelhead in British Columbia.

While the steelhead fishing community is preoccupied with the latest, greatest equipment and techniques that facilitate catching a steadily increasing proportion of a fixed or diminishing supply of fish, the degradation and sell off of the last of the best rivers in British Columbia goes unnoticed. Of greatest concern are the internationally renowned Skeena tributaries as well as Mother Skeena herself. Those aren’t the only victims but they serve as the best examples to illustrate where we are. Elsewhere in BC, virtually every river that still supports enough fish to attract angler interest is besieged with the same phenomena. Guides are ever more dominant, boats are everywhere they are legal and motors that propel them are ever more powerful, angler density is increasing steadily and everyone blames everyone else for being the problem.

LINK (via: Steelhead Voices)

Meanwhile, the shit show that is the Olympic Peninsula makes BC look like the land of plenty.

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