Time to Buy a Tinfoil Hat?

The lost and found bottle I posted on the Gram

While fishing on the first day of a week in Montana, we found a bottle of Hard Truth Sweet Mash Rye whiskey on the riverbank. I posted a photo of the bottle on Instagram and headed home after a solid week of pre-runoff angling.

Look familiar?

So imagine my surprise when a Whiskey Wash review of Hard Truth Sweet Mash Rye popped up in the fly fishing category of my RSS reader on my first night back home.

Now I find it a tad intrusive when I get tailored ads based on a recent Google search, but this is taking it just a little bit too far.

One thought on “Time to Buy a Tinfoil Hat?

  1. And you thought fishing was an escape? Next will be security cams on every riverbank and access point.

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