2 thoughts on “They’re what vinyl records are to music lovers

  1. Well, John, I am fortunate enough to own a pre- Cane Collecting World Discovery, made privately for himself in the now-tragically sold off and broken-up, fabulous, Victorian time-capsule factory of Partridge of Redditch in the very early 1980s, Tom Moran.

    Great rod. Bamboo Holy Grail material, I am told.

    But, heh, I sometimes think that, like some of my old early graphites, it could be put to staking up a couple of my dwarf chilli plants if not my tomatoes.

    Check Tom out below. He was the guy who finally cured me of my early teenage through to early 20s desire to become another Leonard or a Garrison – the man was SO good: I knew, after the briefest look at a few of his “mere” production rods in the old Partridge factory in the late 1970s / early 1980s, that I would waste a lifetime trying become only half as good.

    Lovely, very laidback, humble fella, too.


  2. PS – I see that I posted the wrong link about Tom Moran yesterday.

    Two 2014 obituaries for you. As I said, good guy who liked his music, a good laugh, and who didn’t take so-called “serious stuff” things too seriously.



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