The Mission: Issue #27

Is paddling around in a float tube, fly fishing for kob on in-shore reefs, genius or madness? For Conrad Botes, the rewards outweigh the risks. Still…we can’t help but hear that cello music.

Elsewhere in Issue 27

  • We have a lifer with legendary conservationist Mike Fay.
  • A profile on globe-trotting photographer/writer Jess McGlothlin.
  • a deep dive into Australia’s remote long reef with Richard Schumann,
  • A high 5s with grunter molester Luke Van Den Heever,
  • A Harrison clan scaly bash on the Tugela, packing for Poivre with Christiaan Pretorius,
  • A bad day on the tong with Gerhard Uys,
  • A calico bass wish list fish with Nicholas Blixt,
  • Brewing your own black IPA, a kick-ass playlist, electric bush bikes, books, bags, tons of new gear, pirate whisky & more!

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