The Macallan launches Edition No.6 – a whisky inspired by the River Spey

The Macallan has unveiled Edition No.6, a new limited edition single malt whisky celebrating the natural wonders of The Macallan Estate, and the River Spey.

Marking the sixth and final release in The Macallan Edition Series, Edition No.6 tells the story of the land in which the distillery sits, as well as the famous river.

The whisky brings together The Macallan’s Ghillie, Robert Mitchell; Hardy, the world’s most renowned fly fishing brand; and The Atlantic Salmon Trust, which has over 50 years’ experience in salmon conservation.

LINK (via: Scotsman Food Drink)

One thought on “The Macallan launches Edition No.6 – a whisky inspired by the River Spey

  1. A speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire (and any amount of curveball PR Spin), O still, small voice of calm (and Resistant to The Likes of Nurse Ratched and Creative Accountants to the Last), Fishy Supreme Being just now: “Paul … ahem … so sorry to interrupt your evening, but might I remind that it would be churlish to make fine and long history, now almost completely self-destroyed fishery, Big Brands Rewrite Past, Present and Piss-Poor Future connections and possibly actionable allegations in public, so do please put a big Tweedy Official Scotch sock in it NOW!”

    So I have.

    I wasn’t here. Never. Ever. You didn’t read this. Gone.

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