2 thoughts on “THE LAST FISHING TRIP

  1. Excellent. I look forward to see the whole thing. I’ve done a few of these Hit the Dirt Road to Midsummer Madness Heaven and Hell and to Pretty Well the Last Everything Trips with some wonderful Icelanders, men (and women) very much after my own heart – they are mix of Norwegian Vikings and better-looking (“We need some women for this new settlement … better go raiding…”) Irish and Scots slavegirls, originally, after all. Even picked up a wife, somehow (well, she picked up me, after a day on the Big Laxa, as all the more interesting ones do,) on one of them, not a local girl but a very footloose European girl doing a hitching and walking circuit of that gorgeous crazy island in the early-mid 1990s before the rest of the world turned up. SOME fishing, I dimly remember, was done. Then there was another trip … a combined Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and British fishy reinvasion of Greenland. Bit “fierce” that one, with me a mere “Well, you invaded us first, then we did everywhere back…” Brit trying to get a bunch a mostly drunk, young ex-Vikings on a “Basically, we just get there and make it happen as we go along…” fishing and drinking holiday to behave nicely…

    A lot more young Anglers, now – and not merely Bank of Mom and Dad, “Get him / her / them out of our hair for a few weeks this summer…” Stonewall Prep Trustafarian Types – need to have the opportunity to do such stuff.

    Imagine what it could do to our fast becoming All Bad Knees and Bathchair Beckons, Sclerotic Old Jean-Luc Angling….?

    Make it so.

  2. “gorgeous crazy island in the early-mid 1980s”


    A long time ago.

    Just as many perfect type-specimen trout, sea-trout and salmon present; far fewer (tediously over-serious) fishers.

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