The Film | Two Days at Steinfossen

The film with Mikael and Håkan on the epic July trip to Steinfossen on the mighty Alta in Norway. Catching the dream fish – the 25 kilo (55 lbs) salmon. What we know, to land an Atlantic this size has never been filmed before. This is what is worth fighting for, big, wild and wonderful, the biggest fish on the greatest salmon river in the world. Tune in and join the two best fishing buddies on two magic days in salmon heaven!

5 thoughts on “The Film | Two Days at Steinfossen

  1. Lovely “Birthday Boy” of a captor, great river, fish and fishing – a pleasure to watch. A 400mb 720HD download of the above looks set to be on a fishy drive that I have here for a considerable time to come. Many thanks.

  2. PS – Just seen that reassuringly laidback, very able, Hey, let’s get the thing out there and fishing, caster Hunter’s streaker-steelie beside this Heavy Friends of the Very Late Duke of Roxburghe Only, Alta Atlantic Megabucks Aristo Silver Pigs number on today’s Moldy frontpage. … “Nice….”

    Sadly, on the same river, the Alta, a certain English semi-aristo clonked another 50-pounder this past summer and lay beside the body for her Better Types Only soshmeeja page. Since disappeared, as was the Son of Mr Green Genes fish.

    Past is past and future is future, and never twain should meet, to mangle an Great Old English Imperialist…..

    I like it, Hunter and Captain. You’re going to save a lot more fish, both your way and ours, than than a few elegant-lifestyling, now Wales-residing, royall connected “Tiggy”s…..

  3. PPS – Hugh “Chariots of Fire” Hudson’s other, fine but flawed, yet memorable and sometimes very touching, hairy lost-in-the-jungle apeman and adoring Andie Macdowell plus Ralph Richardson ancient, confused, aristo, Floors Castle-based father, 1980s movie, “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan”.

    Floors Castle, “on” Tweed, and on Norwegian Alta in due summer season … old gents, lost sons … I once knew a very fine “gal” in the same Social “Set” as the Roxburghe etc (not my own – she predeceased me when her own people [though not her Dad, who only only died very recently, after a very long innings of 100] turned on her for her long-post-Us fun-loving and fast-living, Celebrity Set misdemeanours, bothe here and Over Your Way…), but then, of course, back then, with me being me, I innocently would….

    If we’re to save fish and fishing, now and in the long-term, fellas, we have really got to get beyond such Ancien Regime Us and Them, Designated Top and Upper Set-Abandoned Lower Waters Stuff, or so I have always told “Them”, in our very occasional, extremewly, brief, “OMG, I had better get out of here, before they set the Hounds on me….”, encounters….

    Indded, I probably should have got the heck out a long time ago, as Roderick Haig Brown once did, but thought that a Man should at least try…..

    Time for a “Season’s Greeting” and “Happy Christmas# / Satan’s Pilgrims’ “Feliz Naviddad”, maybe…?

    But, ALWAYS, Fish and Rivers First, irrespective of the Set that wants to (and invariably makes sure that it is going to) fish them.

    I said the same once, in the early 1990s, to an Alta fisher: he propmptly invited me to give an after-dinner talk to the World’s Top Salmon-Fishers at London’s famous Savoy Hotel.

    They loved (and nicely laughed at and along with) my without notes, stream of consciousness, “Never Compete … Angling isn’t about that, indeed it’s way beyond it and much much more” theme …

    Dedicate to You (as an old jazz-rock album was titled), but you weren’t listening….


  4. Still braggin’ Boote? Strange how nobody among the world’s top salmon fishers (whatever or whoever they are / were ) mentions you. Perhaps it never actually happened? Bad dream after too much herbal tea?

  5. The above was forwarded to me on October 18th 2020 by an old Welsh pal from my salmon and sea-trout slaughtering days (both British domestic and South American). The “Ctrouter” above, a serial nasty from ancient British internet trolling time, is – really, completely honestly, I jest not guys – a lower-ranking English South Yorkshire policeman who retired to Charente in France some years ago and is now, I jest not (again, call it Thye Sequel)), a locally registered Mole Catcher (i.e. a brave and valiant trapper of the “little gentlemen in velvet” pointy-snouted creatures that blindly and harmlessly burrow through the earth but now and again inadvertently “ruin” some completelly domesticated control-freaks sorts’ prize lawns).

    So sad , so sad, and still leaping other people’s Desperado fences on their behalf after all these years. Tragic, in fact, as the internet is full of his and others’ contributions to Angling – I only had to post in the past and their hateful little Pack would be there. So that you Anglers know.

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