The Drug Is The Tug

Two words come to mind as the fly fishing industry prepares to descend on Denver for its annual IFTD show.


Yes, the show is escaping the swamp of Orlando, heading back to its roots in Denver and as a result will be raising the synaptic lubricant factor for the myriad of happy hours, parties and other trade show shenanigans.

As a result we’ve developed some fly themed cannabis strains and pre-rolls we’d like to see at our virtual fly fishing meets pot shop that we’re calling Flies and Highs.

Bonefish Blunts are the world’s first organic, hemp-wrapped, whole-flower, machine-rolled blunts. Yeah, we know, that’s a lot of hyphens. But what it boils down to is that Bonefish Blunts provide the highest quality screaming reel buzz for your brain.

A trio of tasty strains.

Battenkiller Bud is a dry fly connoisseur’s favorite due to its potency and strong skunky, aroma and taste. This strain, when dosed wisely, will either induce happy, motivated functionality and drag-free drifts or bedtime for you in the Orvis dog bed.

Skeena Steelhead Skunk is like a perfectly swung fly, blissful, positive, and mind-numbingly hopeful. Verging on the psychedelic, this sour, metallic, earthy strain will have you grinning ear to ear after a week of no fish on the Hoh.

Honestly, there is no way to describe Palometa Permit Poison, you have to experience it for yourself. If we had to describe it we’d say it feels like being in a turquoise flats boat running at 40 knots… backwards.

Willlllmaaaaaaaa! Yabba Dabba Double Haul will have you doing the old down up with your eyes closed but without the pesky down part. Make sure you have some Red Baron pizzas standing by in the freezer.

A not-for-beginners, Kush-lover’s strain. Tarpon Trainwreck allows the tarpon angler to enjoy a positive, head-centered outlook when all hell breaks loose and you’re being berated by your Islamorada guide.

Finally, infused with hash oil Keep Em Wet Pre Roll(ed) Cast will make you feel like you’re wading a spiritual river with levitating fish that you’ll yell at to get back in the water. Be forewarned that this strain will also make you very hungry, like the entire left side of the Taco Bell menu hungry.

See you in Denver!

One thought on “The Drug Is The Tug

  1. Yes. Pretty sad when the largely unreformably Downton Abbey staid (fishing, in our case) tries to go all, El Camino (a Breaking Bad movie), on-the-run meth-gangsta Jesse, “Street”. Seen similar over here in Britain in recent years, for real and not just in some blunt-minded adman’s Hi-THC lean green smoking machine dream, with “safe” Urban Banx Trout and squeaky-clean effortlessly superior Spotties surviving among the lowlife dirt and Walmart waste etc.

    [Mutters: “Good grief…..”]

    Oh, please, give me strength (and not the sort that some are now shamelessly flogging) in this time of everything being a mere, both Personal and Product, Marketing Opportunity…..

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