The Battle of Rugged, Waterproof Compact Cameras

With the advent of waterproof iPhone housings, I stopped using waterproof digital point and shoots. The Olympus TG-3  was my go-to set up so we’re three generations beyond that program in this review. Considering a waterproof housing for the iPhone cost about half as much as one of these cameras, one of these units might be something to consider if you want to up your underwater game.

LINK (via: Fstoppers)


2 thoughts on “The Battle of Rugged, Waterproof Compact Cameras

  1. What do you use for your iPhone housing? I bought a case for my 6s plus but it added so much bulk that I have rarely used it. Just curious b/c I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on a tg5 or 6. Thx

    1. AxisGo by Aquatech, but it’s a real beast. The TG from Olympus is really solid, great low light performance and there are options for a wide lens. I had the Tg-3 and it took really great pictures.

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