2 thoughts on “Tens of thousands of salmon found dead after Canada drought

  1. Thanks for posting that BBC story and shocking film, fellas. We Brits tend to “look right through” reports of fish kills in our own rivers – a few hundred boring slimey dead-eyed old things here, the odd thousand there, usually due to sewage farm release, agricultural or industrial pollution – but will take far greater heed of a mass kill of salmon in BC, that very beautiful piece of Canadian wild country that they’ve seen featured in made for TV David Attenborough wildlife movies. More might start wondering now just why our own rivers tend to run dry a lot more than they used to (in the UK’s case, not merely on account of abstraction for domestic water supply, but because of …. er, dare not speak its name … let’s be careful now, “possible” climate change too, with its great summer heats and rainless droughts even in winter. Shocking stuff in far-off BC, yet surely coming to a river near you, and you, and you, wherever you are……

    “But they’re only fish, right…? No beavers or otters or birds or deer were harmed….”

  2. Next day, much more cheerful, salmon-related PS

    The story of Britain’s biggest ever, properly authenticated, rod-caught Atlantic salmon. From Scottish Television, including a never previously heard spoken account by its October 7th 1922 captor, the very cheery and extremely intrepid Scots lady, Miss Georgina Ballantine.

    Magical stuff, still, a century on.

    Long long url, so try this Tiny one –


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