Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies..

Oh no, no you can’t disguise(You can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise)

Hey Mr. Dream-Seller, tell me how’s it gonna be. Are the salmon running? Are there fish you can see? Have you, as the song says, dreams enough to spare?

Comes the answer: ‘Fish are moving, and the river’s looking great – and it should hold steady for the whole of your week.’ All of which sounds very promising. But buyer beware; we hear what we want to hear, and nowhere do these words say there are more than a handful of salmon in the river.

The language of guiding has always been creative and bendy, but as the salmon and steelhead runs diminish, this inventiveness is being tested. Telling anglers what they want to hear without promising the impossible is an art form, although it helps that no audience was ever more willingly misled than we fishing junkies. There is nothing we want to hear more than that we’re arriving at a river full of fish.

LINK (via Richard Wilson’s FishRise)


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