TBT – Ted Williams and the Atlantic Salmon

We originally posted this video of the Splendid Splinter and his obsession with Atlantic Salmon in 2011. William’s son John Henry who is shown in the film is also infamous for having his famous father’s remains cryogenically frozen hours after his death.

The comment thread on that post, which included the following comic gem, is also worth checking out.

.… fishing was a small sport enjoyed by a few people and before some asshole douche bags like moldy scum shitheads and that shithead movie about a bunch of montana drunks, and the cute one gets beat to death, tried to turn it into a business for a bunch of asshole yuppies who couldn’t catch a fish with dynamite, but have enough money to try to look like the advertisements in the fishing magazines.

I’m just glad I’m old enough to have been around for the golden years and you guy will be left with shit… So go fuck you.


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