One thought on “TBT: Tying the “Blessed” Two Tone Curly Worm

  1. What a lady. I bet her prayers are / were listened to and promptly answered by the he / she Supreme Being taking calls upstairs!

    British river trout are really not ones for Woo(l)y Worms, being far too snooty Downton Abbey (especially on the historic and hallowed, now hatchery raceway, River Test), but I tied a few of Sister Corley’s Two-Tone Variants on extra-strong 2xL streamer / nymph hooks for fun today nevertheless, knowing that some rather less-exalted British Non-Spotties – bottom-feeding European barbel and chub – will almost certainly eat them (rather than my usual heavily leaded, heavy-duty curve-hooked, Caddis Larva patterns a la Czech and Poland) when I try them them in a few spots that I know early next summer. Such fish go for trundled slowly along the gravel bottom, banded red-and-yellow “Brandling” worms, so shouldn’t turn their noses up at variant of a Sister Corley WW variant. And with barbel being a close, much-smaller but still 5 to 15 pounds sizeable, “Barbus” relative of the sometimes maniacal Indian mahseer, well……

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