One thought on “TBT: Patagonian salmonids

  1. We also need to hear it for John Goodall, the expat Brit manager of the Frigorifico, the huge, Rio Grande slaughterhouse and freezing plant, who in 1935, put a few very ordinary, stay-at-home old browns into his local river to give the local, mostly Scottish, far-from-home sheep-ranch managers something to do other than drink themselves to death on their homeland’s national beverage. Goodall’s descendants are still on Tierra del Fuego, I met a few of them, plus one great old Scots rancher, a non-fisher, whose father was given a tract of land by his former employers (see below), as thanks for many years of service on their huge estancias / ranches, to set up his own ranch on. It had about 20 miles of the then still-sea-trout-free Rio Grande just below the Chilean border. Oh … how, many years later, in the 1990s, I used to fish it (and all of the rest of the river, from Chilean source to Argentine sea)! Great fun.

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