2 thoughts on “T-Shirt Of The Week: Wild Steelhead MFG Fundraiser Edition

  1. If most of your coworkers are boomers who have been with the company for more than 30 years, and operate their business like its still the 70s or 80s, youre gonna have a good time.

    Unfortunately this is most of the companies I have worked for, and its the main reason US manufacturing works. Everyone is afraid of spending money to improve their business, and noone plans for any future growth.

    The general culture is toxic. The floor guys (especially machinists and welders) are afraid of change and have a massive chip on their shoulders with training anyone new. General hours in most places want you to be on call or come in on weekends to troubleshoot production issues. The all around pay is great unless you are a PM or are in the upper echelons of management.

    I used to love machining and being a manufacturing engineer, but the pervasive backwards culture and general state of the industry kinda sapped that away. Everyone is focused on saving pennies when they could be spending dollars and making 100x that.

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