Sustainable Bluefin Tuna? Not So Fast

A decade’s worth of research says that an ecolabel for industrial bluefin tuna fisheries is a sham.

For the MSC to even consider certifying a fish that’s endangered, overexploited, mismanaged, pirated, polluted, and smaller than ever before as a best choice in seafood is baffling. But on closer look, it’s not surprising. Leading scientists have shown that the MSC has conflicts of interest baked into its not-for-profit business model.

LINK (via: Hakai Magazine)

One thought on “Sustainable Bluefin Tuna? Not So Fast

  1. This is why I only go by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, they are a science… based… not influenced…for sale… … … Holy shit, Seafood Watch seemed like the best choice until they recommended Olympic Peninsula steelhead for consumption.

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