One thought on “Sunday Toona: Won’t Get Fooled Again Edition

  1. Ah yes, “how to worry a (true) Rock God (Robert Plant) imitator – in an older, moldier chum –

    Remind me to tell you about the time the above-mentioned Robert and I spent an afternoon hour on the grass (that of the pitch of Dudley Town Football Club, where a one -day festival was being held in 1970, you understand, chatting and drinking coke, as in Cola you understand, with a couple of very pretty girls)….

    About how the super-cool, art-school, full-time effortless Total Goddess, older sister of my schoolkids-together crush of the summer briefly turned her attention away from the two us us to say “Oh hi, Rob” to a loon-panted local lad friend of hers as he, off-duty but still conspicuously and effortlessly God-like, distractedly strode unnoticed through a sparse grass-seated crowd towards the stage where a second-division British rock band was playing, unnoticed at least until She called him….

    Oh, I just have told you. Damn!

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