2 thoughts on “Sunday Toona: Weed Now Legal In Montana Edition

  1. Good choice of music, from the non-weedsmoking Frank Zappa, as his comments about dazed and extremely confused, far out – freak out – “Like, wow, man….” 1960s Laurel Canyon stoners and the like, both in interviews and in his music, are memorably and often highly amusingly, mercilessly caustic.

    About the above legalisization, I reckon that Frank would merely refer (not reefer) people to the title of one of his old albums:

    “We’re Only In It For The Money”.

    Some people were back then, and a heck of a lot more of them (and to hell with the wider social and, ever-higher and higher THC content, mental health consequences) are now.

    Your Sunday morning coffee-crazed British Angling Correspondent leaves to quell a “Now look, I cast those lines in wind-blasted Tierra del Fuego, you merely held them along with a bit of backing” rods and reels argument that has just broken out in his tackle cupboards…..

  2. Seen in passing on Wednesday 12th PS to above:

    All is not well in Oregon either, it appears – from The Guardian in the UK.


    Outdoor growing isn’t so successful in my neck of the woods, certainly of the very strong, super-high-price, commercial weed “strains”, so growers here rent a house from an ususpecting owner via a sometimes in-on-the-crime realtor, instal multiple 600-watt high-pressure sodium lamps and reflective wall mylar in every room of the place, by-pass the electricity meters (often very dangerously), then get a crop or two out of the place before they’re busted or burn down the house. Cost a pal of mine at least $150,000 in building repairs plus more in unpaid rent and resulting legal fees several years ago, once he got his property back. The supposedly respectable, west London-based property-letting agency through which he had let the place disappeared off the commercial and physical map forever on the very evening that the British police kicked his little house’s front door in.

    Then there are the internationally trafficked Vietnamese slave-growers who run such operations for the oh-so cool and such good company commercial Weed Men…..

    Not a nice business, whichever way you are coming at it.

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