One thought on “Sunday Toona : We Can Be Heroes Edition

  1. Here’s another terrific tribute to Bowie, who left us around this time four years ago I discovered after finding and replaying the Life on Mars movie clip pasted below. I was listening to Bowie’s great Ziggy Stardust album here only the other evening (first time in many years and played loud, as, I seem to remember, the original album sleeve stipulated – wise advice, as Mick Ronson’s soaring guitar in Moonage Daydream alone deserves no less than Vol. Setting 23), so, when I saw a great Talking Head doing a Bowie tribute here this morning….

    I don’t really “do” heroes, of any breed or type, but am prepared to admit that, now and again, in my younger days, Bowie was certainly at least a truly alien, musical one.

    Rick Wakeman, Bowie’s Life on Mars piano man, BBC TV, Jan. 2016:

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