2 thoughts on “Sunday Toona: Shine On You Crazy Diamond Edition

  1. Wow, just great, brings memories from when this then a new tune, roared through my newly finished speakers with Kef and Coles elements powered by the James Bongiornos Ampzilla fed by my own made belt driven turntable and SME arm with the Supex 900 Super MC picup through a pre amp built by LÅ in Umea, with no other knobs than volume, all connected with Swiss Lemo contacts from a friend at Cern. The gear really brought out the soul and dynamic in the record. Haven´t since, that 10 year period after everything got too expensive to renew if you wanted a symphony of your own at home, had any better gear for all any music from Sibelius to Canned Heat which, sorry to say – in my view do not get better with today’s computer techniques.
    Thanks for the music!

  2. Don’t forget this fabuously “watery” one of the (for me, seen nearly a dozen times live over the years) the Floyd from the early 1970s. Oh, the both on- and off-river teenage Welsh sea-trout and salmon fishing I did to this soundtrack!



    PS – Find the orginal version, Live at Pompeii, to see what a band the Floyd once was, before all the egos and the break-ups, too.

    Oh, the indoor venue lightshows…..

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