Sunday Toona: Peaceful Easy Feeling Edition

Photo: jeaneeem (CC by 2.0)

The Eagles Second Night Unplugged From the MTV unplugged recording sessions Warner Bros Studios, Burbank, CA
April 28, 1994.

This is a different mix from “Hell Freezes Over,” no overdubs, unmastered, different versions of the songs altogether and the full setlist.

1. Peaceful Easy Feeling
2. Best of My Love
3. Tequila Sunrise
4. Help Me Through The Night
5. The Heart Of The Matter
6. Love Will Keep Us Alive
7. Learn To Be Still
8. Hotel California
9. strings soundcheck
10. Wasted Time
11. Wasted Time Reprise
12. Lover’s Moon
13. Pretty Maids All In A Row
14. I Can’t Tell You Why
15. The Girl From Yesterday
16. New York Minute
17. The Last Resort
18. Band Introductions
19. Take It Easy
20. One Of These Nights
21. In The City
22. Heartache Tonight
23. Life In The Fast Lane
24. Get Over It
25. Desperado

One thought on “Sunday Toona: Peaceful Easy Feeling Edition

  1. What a band and what a gig!

    The version of ‘The Last Resort’ at about 1hr 28m is … well … words fail me.

    That’s 128mb staying permanently on disc.

    A very nice peaceful easy Sunday morning here in Britain … the band has just gone into One of These Nights…

    By God, the Eagles were good … the rivers and places I used to drive to, listening to cassettes of thir music, back in the day….

    Thanks for this one.

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