Striped Bass: Will ASMFC Listen This Time?

A thorough analysis by Charles Witek of the public comments submitted in regards to Amendment 7 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Striped Bass.

In all, the ASMFC received 3,063 comments, which included 2,397 that constituted some sort of form letter, 616 written by individual stakeholders, and 50 submitted by various recreational angling, fishing industry, and conservation organizations.

98.7% of the comments support the current goals and objectives of the striped bass management plan, with 99.6% supporting the current biological reference points.  96.9% support the current spawning stock biomass and fishing mortality management triggers; `100% of commenters believe that the stock should be rebuilt in no more than 10 years, with some believing that rebuilding should occur sooner.  95.5% of the comments opposed regional management, and just about no one liked the way conservation equivalency is currently being utilized to manage striped bass.

Your move ASMFC.

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