Stay Fly Friday: SculpCraw

This week we’re pairing two classics with a slight twist – the SculpCraw and the Manhattan. The SculpCraw is a fun little pattern that comes together more quickly than you might think. It uses a few materials, and they can be substituted or modified easily.

Hook: Firehole Sticks – 811 #6

Bead: Tungsten Instajig – 3/16 Orange

Thread: Veevus 50D – White

Dubbing Ball: SLF – Brown

Tail: Pine Squirrel Strips – Brown

Body: Senyo’s Laser Hair – Dark Brown SLF Dubbing – Helgramite

Fins: India or Brahma Hen

Head: Flymen Fishing Sculpin Helmet UV Clear Fly Finish – Flow

Eyes: Flymen Fishing Living Eyes


In keeping with this week’s hybrid sculpin pattern, this week’s cocktail is a staple along with some options to keep things interesting.

Our classic Manhattan.

In a cocktail shaker of ice add the following.

2 – 3 0z of Rye, preferably Rittenhouse

1.0z – 1.5 oz of sweet vermouth, we prefer Carpano Antica

A couple of dashes of bitters

Stir into a cocktail glass or coupe and garnish with a maraschino cherry, preferably Luxardo.

Swap out your classic bitters for some chocolate or barrel aged bitters for a slightly different vibe.

You could also add 1/2 oz of Bendectine to the recipe to boost both the flavor and the kick.

You can also swap out the rye with rum for a more Carribean vibe.


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