One thought on “State of Wild Atlantic Salmon Report

  1. Some better news for you on the western side of the Atlantic, but over here on the eastern shore….

    Atlantic salmon runs into British (inc Scottish) rivers down 70% on what they what they were 25 years ago.

    Take two years –

    2022 – a very hot, dry year here, and a complete salmon disaster.

    And 2023 (so far) a very wet, high-water spring, but with precious few springers running that perfect running water, with some top rods seriously considering selling their often thousands of £s / $s worth of fly rods and reels and giving up long-kept and -fished weeks on a river here, a river there, saying something like “I know all about the cyclical nature of runs, that if you waited a year or two or three they would eventually come back, but this time….”.

    Some are blaming it on “all” the coastal seals and the parr- and smolt-eating birds, or some mythical high seas pirate fishing fleet, but, hey, then they would….

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