Speak Up for Tongass Public Lands

Public lands, and the Tongass National Forest in particular, drive the private-sector economy of Southeast Alaska. The Tongass’ abundant salmon runs, large deer and bear populations, and incredible scenery serve as the foundation for their commercial fishing, outfitter and guide, and tourism industries, which provide more than $2 billion in economic contribution and 25% of all jobs in the region annually.

A group of Alaskan anglers, hunters, outdoorsfolk and guides/outfitters is going to Washington, D.C. soon to deliver a petition to decision makers with this message:

  • We believe the Tongass National Forest must continue to be managed by the U.S. Forest Service on a multiple-use basis.
  • We stand together in opposition to any effort to transfer management or ownership of Federal public lands in Southeast Alaska to State or private entities.
  • We likewise oppose any proposals that threaten to unreasonably restrict public access or would harm fish and game populations by eliminating essential federal conservation designations and measures, such as the Tongass 77.

Take action today by signing the petition.

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