Sometimes fly fishing can’t save lives

20 years later Columbine has claimed another victim.

Austin Eubanks was 17 when two gunmen entered Columbine High School and killed 13 people, including his best friend Corey DePooter. Eubanks often marked the anniversary of the shooting by going fly fishing, a passion he shared with DePooter.

Twenty years after he was shot twice and watched his best friend murdered in front of him, Eubanks was found dead in his home in Steamboat Springs.

Rest easy Austin.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes fly fishing can’t save lives

  1. Don’t appreciate the disrespectful title associated to my friend. Austin and I first worked together as teenagers at Discount Fishing Tackle in S.Denver/Littleton before Columbine. RIP my friend. Always proud of you.

    1. Kirk, absolutely no disrespect intended. What we were trying to express through the headline is that no matter how hard one tries to find peace after an unspeakable tragedy sometimes it’s never enough. I’m sorry if it came across the wrong way and I’m very sorry for the loss off your friend.

      1. Agree with Kirk. And, honestly not quite sure the title is truly intended as you state. The article is SO much more than about his pursuit of fly fishing (which was barely mentioned) and that Austin sought many different avenues to work through his own addiction over such a tragic experience.

        Beyond the apology (which, I do think is sincere) please consider going one step further and changing the title completely. It’s a blog/site, you can do that easily as an added respect to Austin, and his friend Kirk.

        Be well.


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