SCALE Magazine – Issue 40

Check out Issue 40.

• Scaredy Cat – Angling against fear with Frank Steinmann
• No thanks to snow – Escaping winter to Sudan with Robert Pljuscec
• Big in Japan – Exploring Hokkaido wilderness with Tomasz Talarczyk
• Behind the scene – A look at the technical side of SCALE Magazine
• Freshwater hunting in packs – Morgan Calu and Corsica’s wolves
• Wrap-Up – Brian Bojsens fast motion 2020 adventure
• Picture Gallery – Black Fly Eyes Media
• SCALE reads along – Book launch with Luis Meana
• The Northern Tarpon – Urs Wehrli in search of Sheefish
• News from New Zealand – Patrick Götz encounters the island’s King
• The SCALE Instagram Check
• At the movies – Casting Maya
• Hardbodies and Softcores
• Sexy Tools and Musthaves
• Tie Hard! powered by AHREX
• Raffles by GUIDELINE, STROFT, DAFV and #plasticinthebasket
and much more …

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