Saltwater Season – 50 Years Ago, Today

Fly fishing is more than the pursuit of catching fish; it’s a tight-knit community full of unique cultures that connect individuals from around the world through a common interest. It’s a universal language in a sense. No matter where you are in the world, even if you speak a different dialect, if you share fly fishing, you can bond. To be expected in these trying times, we are all pulling together to lend a helping hand to one another, keeping the pulse beating strong throughout the fly fishing community. This is the way we have always been and is the way we will continue to be.

While we all have the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic front-of-mind, and rightfully so, our friends in the Bahamas are still dealing with the devastations of Hurricane Dorian brought on in September of 2019. Through this turmoil though, we find a silver lining, and hope emerges in the Bahamian fly fishing community. Most anglers across the globe at one point or another have said to themselves, “I wonder what this place was like 50 years ago.” Well today, you can see for yourself in the flats of the Bahamas. In the wake of Dorian, the fishery was effectively given a “reset” button and has flourished to a scene reminiscent of a time 50 years ago; before the crowds and before development.

This film was shot before COVID-19 struck us all, but the message remains true. This is a film about fly fishers helping fly fishers. Be safe and respect travel guidelines, but when the time is right, take that bonefish trip you’ve been itching for. Head to the Bahamas and experience bonefishing like it was 50 years ago. While you’re there, enjoy a few drinks, tip the guides, take a few photos, even post them on Instagram if you like. The Bahamas thank you.

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