Sage Wisdom – Two Handed Season

Recently Sage launched a new section to its website called Sage Wisdom. This new feature is intended to share some wisdom and passion about all aspects of fly fishing and contains some helpful knowledge, spectacular photos, and compelling videos from the good folks at Sage.

The first installment of Sage Wisdom talks about the magic of swinging a two-handed rod. Here’s a brief excerpt:


Dark skies, dark coffee, and dark pavement slipping behind. You follow the river, searching for an opportunity to outflank a creature whose genetic knowledge of these waters eclipses your own. The coffee goes hot to warm, the skies go black to dull gray and you realize a song you can no longer stand has been blaring out of the speakers on repeat for ten minutes straight.

The break appears; a barely discernable space between two cedars which drops into a forgotten access road. The road ends at a creek mouth which dumps into the mainstem out of sight from the state route. Outside, the moist cold and tree-farm fresh oxygen flush away any lethargy from the drive.

Rigging, rigging, rigging. The agony and ecstasy of choosing: heads, grains, tips. Inspecting it all like an extensive sound check before a big gig.

And then it is happening: cold, pure and beautiful. Post glacial deep green water grips your waist, reminding who’s in charge. With both hands you grip the conduit; a rod, a line, a fly. The rhythm begins; a cut-time three count, a thin veil of water rises and falls as line races past itself. Gray sky turns a washed blue as broken cloudbanks remind that winter is at the door.

Other trucks line the public parks and roadside turnouts, their pilots hammer the water in view of one another. But today is about a secret solo hunt for the Wild Ones.

Glean some more Sage wisdom here.

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