RIP Bill Paxton – We Won’t Forget Your Fish Heads Video

Bill Paxton, who died Saturday at age 61, is best known to most film fans for his work in hit movies like “Titanic,” “Twister” and “Aliens.” But he holds a special place in the hearts of people who love weird music.

Back in 1980, when Paxton was still a struggling actor, he directed a music video for “Fish Heads,” a novelty song recorded in 1978 by L.A.-based music duo Barnes & Barnes.

The song has this unforgettably bizarre chorus: “Fish heads, fish heads/ Roly poly fish heads/ Fish heads, fish heads/ Eat them up, Yum!” The video featured the budding actor holding a party attended only by fish heads, watering a garden blooming with fish heads and taking a fish head out to see a movie (the lyrics note that he “didn’t have to pay to get it in”).

Paxton was dedicated to the film, even picking out each fish head personally. Apparently he bought them from the Santa Monica fish market and would keep them in his freezer until they fell apart.

Besides making the film and dealing with real fish heads under hot lights, Paxton also went out of his way to get the video on air by traveling to New York to pitch it to “Saturday Night Live” producers.

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