RIO’s InTouch Trout Spey Lines & Heads

This video runs through RIO’s series of Trout Spey lines, and explains when to use each one to get the very best performance from a Trout Spey rod.

RIO’s InTouch Trout Spey selection has everything that an angler using trout Spey rods will need. The InTouch Trout Spey line if offered with an integrated shooting line, or as a stand alone shooting head. This is a great all-around fly line that offers easy casting and great presentation.

RIO’s InTouch Skagit Trout Spey selection is available as an integrated line with running line attached, a stand alone shooting head, and a VersiTip system, complete with everything needed to get on the river. This style of line is perfect for casting large streamers and sink tips.

All RIO Trout Spey heads and lines are designed to work perfectly on single-handed rods, but anglers need to be aware of the grain weight of these lines, and make an adjustment of three line sizes to match a single-handed rod. For example, a 5wt single handed rod, will load perfectly with a 2wt InTouch Trout Spey head (or line). A 6wt will require a 3wt Trout Spey, and so on.

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