RIO Striper Fly Line Series Explained

Stoked to put this line up to the test on the Cape this summer.

RIO’s Striper series is a highly versatile range of coldwater fly lines designed for anglers fishing for stripers, bluefish, and other coldwater, saltwater species. With multiple density options, powerful tapers, and built with RIO’s incredible SlickCast, this series of lines is perfect for anglers targeting striped bass in particular.

The series is available in floating, full intermediate (with a 30ft clear head, and a luminous running line that glows in the dark), and fast sinking options, ensuring you are covered for any condition you are likely to encounter when on the water.

In this video, Jesse Robbins talks about the different density choices that are available and explains when you would use each one, In addition, he talks about the key technologies that go into making this range of saltwater fly lines, and what those technologies do for you as an angler and a caster.

Best of all, RIO’s Striper lines are built with SlickCast, which creates the slickest, most durable fly line coating ever made.

If you are planning a trip to chase striped bass or bluefish, check out RIO’s Striper series and make sure you are armed with the best saltwater line you can get.

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