One thought on “Río Grande Argentina Fly Fishing *TRAILER*

  1. I really am going to have to do a Bodhi in the original Point Break movie and stage a few Ex Presidents fundraising bank heists to afford just a day of that, did a heck of a lot of that during the less-pressured years of the early to late 1990s, stirring stuff…..

    To see a 20-pounder take a dead-drifted, dry Stonefly pattern fished off a fast-actioned single-handed 6-weight from the surface of only a very small pool a few yards in front of you, then, on feeling the hook and being a fresh-run, jumper of a hen fish, leap so high into the air in front of you that it’s above your own eye-level and a freeze frame of black, white and silver etched forever in memory against the great Southern sky….

    Best not thought about.

    Look forward to see Todd’s finished film.

    “Play it, Sam. Play As Time Goes By…”

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