Redington: IN THE LOOP: What To Bring

From being underdressed to being overwhelmed by too much gear, Bob breaks down the fashion errors made by new fly anglers. The right balance of gear brought to the river can be the difference between a day filled with frustration and one filled with bent rods. The first fashion error is when anglers show up to the river underdressed. These anglers can find themselves struggling to find places to store gear when not in use or may even find themselves taking a swim from lack of proper footwear. The other common fashion mistake is when an angler shows up to their favorite run overdressed. This angler appeared to have brought the entire fly shop with them, carrying all this gear is uncomfortable and often cumbersome. This angler from afar may look cool and confident, but up close you can sense a feeling of being overwhelmed by all that gear. Next time you pack your bags, take Bob’s advice and just bring what you need for that day on the water.

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