9 thoughts on “Racist Misogynist Troll Taken Down @ Dan Bailey’s (Hint: It’s the guy on the left)

  1. What an idiot! Mr. Bailey, that is. Mr. Carlson did not kill my friends who died of the virus, nor the one who shot himself because of the COVID isolation. He did not deserve to be accosted in public. Has Mr. Bailey ever cheated on his wife? Run a red light? Lost his temper? Just because he does not have a television personality does not absolve him of his sins & crimes. And furthermore, I’ll never shop in that flyshop again if that is the way they allow customers to be treated.

  2. What a Dick. Who calls out a public figure like that who is trying to do
    Business in a small dying fly shop and films it to exploit it? What happened to the days of having respect for everyone? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  3. A few comments on this:
    1. We had names for Bailey-type guys in middle school……bullies. As adults we just call them a$$holes. He never grew up I guess.
    2. Treating a customer like this probably has the “real Dan Bailey” rolling over in his grave.
    3. As fly fishers why does the Bailey-bully have to politicize Carlson taking a vacation? I guess the Montana heat is driving his impotence into rage? I heard the Bailey-bully is impotent.
    4. Shame on Moldy Chum for giving the Bailey-bully any airtime.
    5. Moldy Chum often often doesn’t allow my posts….maybe they think I’m Tucker? ….let’s see what happens here.

  4. Wow. Big strike against Dan Bailey and his fly shop.
    It’s a dying shop selling bikes as it is. They just lost all of my business and I’m not a fan of tucker Carlson at all. This is pathetic on moldy chums part and Dan Bailey’s and who ever the guy attacking him is.
    Glad the republicans don’t act like such assholes to the fellow angler.

  5. I would never buy anything from Dan Bailey fly shop. Shame on Dan Bailey. Bully’s at Dan Baileys fly shop.

  6. Is it all right when Carlson does it?

    Numerous people receive death threats after Carlson’s attacks.

    Tucker Carlson urges viewers to accost mask-wearing strangers:


  7. Sad that this is where Moldy Chum has gone. You’ve become part of the problem rather than the solution.

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